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Say, I like mediation, I do, like it, Sam-I-am.

We are looking for mediators interested in donating time, facilities and expertise to market mediation in a new way taking it outside of the court system and delivering it directly to businesses and consumers.  Using 4Disputes as the marketing hub, we want to prepare messages and materials leading up to free "Mediation Days" where qualified businesses and consumers can go to actually mediate for FREE for the first time.

The actual dates, times, and scope of disputes that will be eligible to be included will be determined by supply and demand; 1) SUPPLY - the actual number the mediators who respond to this RFP expressing an interest and willingness to donate time to mediate  2)  DEMAND - the actual customers and businesses who express interest in taking advantage of this free service for the first time.

If you are a mediator interested in being a part of this, please complete our request for proposal form below explaining exactly how you are willing and able to participate.  If / when we receive enough responses from mediators, we will then establish core mediator working groups organized geographically.  We will contact each group to then schedule conference calls to discuss further details including, without limitation, eligible cases to mediate, advertising and public relations, creative design and content and how and where the mediations will be held.




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