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Mediation - The Gateway to Negotiation
Facts and Fiction



FACT 99% of all disputes are resolved by negotiation and not as a result of judgments, verdicts or court orders.  TRUE
FICTION The only way to cause people to negotiate a dispute is to sue them first.   FALSE.  Properly informed, most people will want to attempt to settle disputes before sueing or before being sued.
FICTION Most parties comply with judgments and decisions rendered by judges, juries and arbitrators without objection.  FALSE.  If parties are not happy with decisions imposed by judges or arbitrators, they often exercise a right to appeal.
FACT People tend to honor agreements they negotiated during mediation without further objections or litigation.  TRUE


Freedom to Contract and Settle Things on Your Own Terms.

Its a fundamental right of people living in the United States to negotiate and form contracts and relationships on their own.  Some people are better negotiators than others.  Some people fear negotiations.  Some people negotiate to control and intimidate.  Some people would rather hire someone else to negotiate for them.  Mediators are trained to level the playing field and the mediation process is designed to serve as a gateway to more effective comunications and negotiation between ALL parties.   Watch the video below to learn more.


Mediation: Gateway to Negotiation



Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate......

When you are in a lawsuit or any dispute, you should be negotiating all the time to find the best, most effective way to resolve it either in court or out of court.   If you choose to mediate then its up to the mediator to secure and hopefully improve your chances of reaching a negotiated settlement using his or her skills as a negotiator combined with the confidentiality and added flexibility afforded by the mediation process.  Follow our blogs and social media posts to learn how to negotiate more effectively to resolve disputes.


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