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The best way to handle disputes is to plan ahead to prevent them in the first place.   We provide the tools to avoid disputes and resolve them fast before they escalate into bigger problems, delays,  additional expenses and litigation. 

Watch this short  video to learn some surprising facts about what really happens when a contract is broken and people end up in court.  You will learn that you can often avoid a lawsuit  later by simply following a few simple rules every time you contract for goods or services .  

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The following is a plan 4Disputes developed for customers looking for some additional safeguards and piece of mind whenever they hire construction contractors;

  Construction, Home Renovations & Repairs
Dispute Resolution Agreement We recommend that customers and contractors should try to resolve any disputes that may arise under their contract out of court prior to commencing any litigation.  We can provide several options how to structure such a dispute resolution process and will facilitate to reduce this all to a written agreement.
Contract Management

We set up a password protected area on our website containing; 1) copies of the relevant contract documents, 2) a private message board for the customer and vender to raise issues and events occurring during the performance of the contract and 3) various automated alerts that either party can use to escalate issues when needed. 

Neutral Contract Observer A Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil mediator is assigned to every contract.  The mediator can observe communications in the message board and if requested will be prepared to intervene quickly to assist with disagreements, contract amendments, or any other issue that may require negotiation.
Discounted Mediation Rates Should a dispute arise during the term of the plan, the assigned mediator will agree to conduct one or more mediations at a discounted rate.  Prices vary according the plan chosen.  
Transferability Each plan covers one contract at a time.   Coverage under the 6 month plan can be transferable to a second contract.  Coverage under the 12 month plan can be transferred to a second and a third contract.  



Term Maintenance Fee Hourly Mediation Rate Covered Contracts
 3 months 95.00 per month 195.00
 6 months 75.00 per month 175.00
12 months 50.00 per month 150.00



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