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If you live in Florida and have a question, concern, problem or complaint that has gone unresolved because you couldn't figure out the proper agency or resource to contact, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has the solution, an  A - Z Resource Guide to help people to find the most appropriate place to address their problems. 


The United States government has also created on-line resources to help consumers pursue marketplace compliants and assist with various transactions.   You can download a copy of the latest Consumer Action Handbook,   This annual handbook  provides consumers with information essential to making financial decisions on everything from purchasing a home and paying for college to securing health care and protecting one’s privacy  when shopping online.  This book is a practical guide for both the complex and the routine issues consumers encounter.


Sue Them.....!!!

If you have a problem enforcing a contract,  collecting a debt or trying to resolve a warranty claim or dispute or you could go to court; BUT, there are other ways to try to resolve a dispute without filing a lawsuit.

Instead of hiring a lawyer and filing a lawsuit, consider hiring a mediator to help you better negotiate an out of court settlement.   Learn more about mediation.   







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