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Never Miss Another Telephone Call Again          Gather and Organize all your  Customer Inquiries and Contact Data AutomaticallytomaticallyAtomaticallyCusotmer Contacts CustomerFasterat In  Crital  Connect and mediate on-line with up to 95 parties from anywhere to any place. 


Get your own own personal phone extension on 4 Disputes, Inc. nationwide toll-free number.  All calls are routed directly to your office or cell phone or, if you are unavailable, call are then recorded by our voice mail messaging system and sent directly to your email.

Conduct on-line mediation conferences using the 4 Disputes mobile conferencing system.  You are able to connect up to 95 participants during a single conference call with crystal clear high-quality teleconferencing.

Create and attach to your 4disputes profile, customer inquiry / intake forms to allow customers to schedule a mediation or obtain additional information from you automatically.   Everytime a form is completed, we will immediately send it to your email. 

There are no long-term contracts.  Members pay monthly and can cancel with 30 days written notice.  Discounts are available for customers who wish to pre-pay for 12 months   (90 day minimum earned fee for all discounted services.)  



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