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Should I Sue?
What is really accomplished in a lawsuit?


Research shows that courts usually only act as a "middle man" to settle lawsuits.  Less than 1% of all lawsuits end with a trial.   More than half of the parties who file civil lawsuits in the US later decide to voluntarily dismiss their suits rather than continuing to invest the additional time and money required to go to trial.    Why?  because during the course of pursuing their lawsuit, the parties usually find a better way to resolve their disputes out of court.    That's what this website is all about, resources, research and a team of professionals dedicated to help businesses and individuals  stay out of court and resolve their disputes privately.



Many people don't know what to expect when they file suit.   It can be expensive and it takes time.   It takes an average of 25 months to complete a civil trial in the United States.   Most people can't afford to wait that long and end up dismissing their suits before anything is decided in court.  






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