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Condo and HOA disputes
Consider Pre-suit Mediation to try to Restore the Peace

Many communities are subject to various rules and regulations  which may regulate the sale, rental and maintenance of your property and the operation and maintenance of amenities such as ponds, pools, landscaping and the clubhouse.  

Associations are run by boards and committees made up of volunteers who are usually residents from within the community.  It can be a thank-less job but somebody has to make, interpret and enforce the rules, by-laws and covenants for the community. MEDIATE CONDO AND HOA DISPUTES



From time to time, disputes will arise between owners, renters, guests and the association over possible violations of the rules and bylaws.   Its not always a black and white determination exactly what is allowed or not allowed.   Its up to the board to enforce the by-laws and covenants.  




Everyone has their own opinion how things should be run and how to interpret and enforce the rules.     Disputes can quickly escalate, get personal and become VERY complicated, time-consuming and expensive.   Mediators are now available to mediate and restore the peace before a lawsuit is filed.   Follow the LINK to learn more.





Condo and HOA  Mediators Available




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