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This website and business model behind it was developed by Thomas Meyer who is an attorney and a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator with a keen interest in helping people make better agreements to avoid conflict and to convince people to stop wasting so much time and money trying to resolve so many disputes in public in court.  Mr. Meyer believes that a lot more needs to be done to promote private, confidential mediation.

"The real selling point needs to be that mediation works.  We need to give mediation a higher profile reputation for success. I want to explain, in simple layman terms, exactly how and why mediation is able to consistently resolve more disagreements, conflicts and disputes than litigation or any other legal process available.  Its not magic, its common sense, science, psychology and human nature. "   Read more in our mediation blog.

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"I developed this site and mediation exchange model because I felt that something more had to be said and done to educate and enable people to resolve more disputes privately without relying so heavily upon going to court.  I found that most people who have either sued or been sued were not happy with the legal process and were surprised and disapppointed over how little was accomplished in court.  Yet, nothing seems to change.  People keep filing lawsuits, complain, and after they run out of time, money or patience, only then seek to settle their disputes out of court." 



20/20 hindsight that you can use to gain 20/20 foresight how to settle your next dispute.

There are over 150 pages of content focused on helping people make more informed decisions how best to avoid and resolve disputes without going to court.

"Instead of learning from your own mistakes through trial and error, you can visit 4disputes and learn from experienced professionals how they handle difficult disputes and how lawsuits, mediation and arbitration really work.  We will give you current facts and figures to objectively quantify just how successful mediation has been.  These facts may surprise you."



The legal system's cup runneth over....

The legal system was never designed to resolve all the disputes that occur.  Every year, millions of people and businesses choose to file lawsuits to try to resolve their problems.  However, litigation usually fails to live up to expectations.  Over 95% of cases never get to trial. In the end, parties are still left searching for another more effective way to resolve their situation privately.

"Too many people learn the hard way that lawsuits are usually nothing more than an expensive middleman in the dispute resolution process.  People are used to starting there, but at some point, judges or lawyers will suggest or require people to attempt to resolve the case out of court.  Mediation remains an underrated, underutilized and misunderstood way resolve disputes. It remains largely under the control and direction of lawyers and judges.  People don’t usually learn about mediation until after they have filed a lawsuit.  That's just too late..." 




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