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Detect and resolve potential problems early before they lead to change orders, cost overruns and liens.
The American Institute of Architects (AIA) standard form contracts general conditions now require mediation as a condition precedent before binding dispute resolution such as arbitration.  The parties are free define how to mediate and are free to choose who they want to adminster the mediation.   However, if you fail to choose then the AIA standard default provisions will choose for you.
Keep it Simple - Fast, Efficient and Affordable mediation without unnecessary red tape.
Mediation rules and regulations vary across the United States.  Some states have little or no laws regulating the mediation process and do not offer training certification of mediators. However, Florida has extensive laws, rules and offers participants a legally enforceable confidential mediation procedure.  Mediators are trained and certified by the state, and there are specific rules of procedure and remedies available if rules are broken.   In Florida, all you need is a good mediator. 
Keep a good mediator on call to step in when necessary to help with communications and negotiations.
4Disputes is a mediation exchange where you can find Florida Supreme Court Certified mediators ready to mediate your construction issues quickly, affordably and professionally in accordance with the Florida rules and statutes governing mediation.  

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