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Mediator Hiring Criteria
What do lawyers rely upon most when selecting a mediator?


Mediation is a valuable service; but it doesn't sell itself.   Surveys show that that most parties don't understand what mediation is or how, when or why they should ever consider using it.   To date, such decisions have been left to be determined by judges and lawyers only after lawsuits are filed.   What are the most important things that lawyers look for in a mediator? 




1 Experience as a mediator 82%
2 Past experience with a particular mediator 58%
3 The mediator's personality and attitude 45%
4 Independently verified feedback from prior users 42%
5 Evidence the mediator's competency has been independently assessed (eg. state accredited or court certifications) 38%
6 Expertise in the core issues to wihich the mediation relates 25%
7 Recommendation of law form or other advisor 19%
8 Experience as a lawyer 18%
9 Mediator's ranking in ADR societies, leagues 5%
10 Anonymous user quotes on mediator's website 5%
            Source:   IMI ADR Users Survey March 24, 2013    



The internet can be used as a fast and affordable vehicle to find and evaluate mediators.   If you are a mediator looking for more cases to mediator, you can't afford not to create and maintain a professional presence on-line.  
Surveys prove that lawyers not only rely upon word of mouth to hire mediators.  They are also greatly influenced by a mediator's  skills, training and experience.   Its now easier than ever to make a good, memorable first impression using video.   We make it professional and easy for lawyers to find and evaluate mediators and schedule mediations.



Did you know that YouTube is now the number two search engine used by people?  Its easier than ever to create and publish mediation videos.

Did you know that many people now search the internet using cell phones?  Technology now makes it easier than ever to quickly find and view information about mediators.



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