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Get More Exposure using 4Disputes Mediation Exchange

 Webpages, blogs, on-line profiles, YouTube videos, webinars, social media, email marketing, direct mail campaigns, CRM applications, phone attendants & messaging, auto-responders and referrals.  Join 4Dispute's  mediator marketing cooperative TODAY to be seen, be heard, be found and be connected to more cases to mediate.   





Social Media and More...

We network on all the the major social media platforms and work to make sure that  our content is relevent, found and seen by both attorneys and other parties that hire mediators.




The internet is open 24 hours a day...


Many mediators  may think that all they need to do is create their own website and clients will beat a path to their door.   Its not that easy.   Do you really have the time, knowledge and experience ?  


At 4disputes, our site is  working 24/7 for you.   We advertise,  produce articles, ebooks and videos, build mailing lists, network and conduct email  and direct mail campaigns.


Cooperative marketing is the KEY to affordably advertise and find more cases to mediate.

There is POWER in numbers.  Not every mediator has the time and money to individually develop and maintain their own website and marketing platform.   No one mediator is qualified or able to mediate every new opportunity that reaches them.    Working together under the 4disputes label,  mediators can save time and money on websites, email marketing, print advertising, direct mail, media placements, press releases, CTAs, etc.....         



Where do you stand now?  What's possible?   Where do you want to be?

4Disputes offers its member mediators an extensive assortment of tools to help get targeted exposure, generate leads and then convert those leads to new and repeat customers.    We will let you know exactly where you stand to make sure you are informed and able to make advantage of all the features and benefits of joining our mediation exchange.


Customer Loyalty Reward Guarantee

The mediator marketing coop is a new approach to marketing an ADR practice.   Many mediators may be reluctant to break the mold to try something new.    We make it easy, affordable and risk free to try.   Coop memberships are currently priced  significantly less than most if not all other third-party marketing services currently available.     

Furthermore, once you join our mediator coop, the price you pay for your specific services is guaranteed not to increase, regardless of price increases in the future, so long as you continuously maintain an active membership for those same services.    Finally,  if you continuously maintain an active coop listing for 12 months and have not yet received a call or referral.   4disputes will continue to maintain your current listing at no additional charge  until such time as we do generate leads for you.       


Cooperative Membership Services and Prices

Creative Design and Website Integration Click to examine all the features contained in each profile. $19.95 to $99.95 Several design options to help mediators create and layout on-line profiles, media and homepages branded within the 4disputes website.
On-line Marketing Package Click to examine all the features contained in each profile. $ 15.95 per month  We will list a multi-media profile for you on our website and post it to our various social media sites.  Also Includes appearance in localized email campaigns that we conduct.   
 Virtual Office       This includes a 4Disputes phone extension, call forwarding, voicemail and personal customer inquiry forms with automated responders  $19.95 per month Several bundled applications designed to manage telephone and email communications.
Earn a FREE Profile If you receive a request to mediate that you can't handle then refer it to another member  Refer a  mediation

Earn a $25.00 membership fee credit for each mediation referred to another member.


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