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How much does it cost to get listed on 4disputes?

 $15.95 per month.

How do people find my profile on your site?

Very Simple - Several ways.   Every mediator's profile is no more than one click away from any page on our website.  All Florida Supreme Court certified mediator profiles who join our coop can be called up and viewed through the main menu appearing on every page of the site.   We also developed a clickable map visitors can use by simply hovering over their desired location.  

SEARCH CRITERIA -  KEEP IT SIMPLE, FAST AND EASY and don't leave anyone out.  Attorneys and other visitors can search within each state, by city or county to find circuit civil and family mediators in their area. That's it.     Our goal is to provide each mediator who joins us, maximum exposure to be seen in EVERY search conducted for mediators in their location.   We feel that adding any more search criteria risks excluding otherwise competent mediators from being found and considered.   We control the number of mediators who appear in searches simply by limiting the number of mediators who may list in each location.   The average number of mediators we accept in each county is twelve.    

What is included with a coop membership listing?

There are several things included  1) a customized profile which can be enhanced with both a audio message and powerpoint slideshow or video presentation 2) localized email campaigns to area attorneys 3) referrals from other members and credtits for referrals you send to other members 4) publishing space on the site. 5) free downloads of apps and content that you can use in your own marketing. 

What is the difference between listings on 4disputes vs other sites that offer listings?

There are several differences:

The cost is much lower than comparable sites.   No other site offers as much for so little money.

This site was created by a mediator as part of a comprehensive business model to promote mediation.  We offer an on-line listing, monthly email marketing campaigns, media and rights to use and customize materials from the site for your own individual newsletters and marketing materials.

Every listing on 4disputes is hand made and literally comes to life.  Visitors will not only have the ability to see and read profiles, but also hear a message   We record and attach personal voice message and can also attach a video or powerpoint presentation to profiles. 

We also offer CRM (customer relations management) applications to maintain and farm new leads from prior customers, handle inbound phone calls and email inquiries and conduct tele-conference mediations with up to 95 participants. 

Only a limited number of listings will be allowed per location based on demand.  Demand is measured based on the number of lawsuits filed in each local area.   Only a fraction of certified mediators (about 20%) will be admitted to each coop on a  first come first serve. 

4disputes is an established and trusted website with the search engines.   It enjoys easy name recognition.  Simply type in "4disputes" on google and the site should one of the top organic search results.   

Does your marketing really work?

 Yes, and you can measure its success several ways; 

1) The exposure snd specific leads mediators get from our marketing and contact lists is much more than than you could ever generate on your own assuming you were willing to devote hundreds of hours to farm your own mailing lists.

2) The cost of membership is not much more than you would pay for a professional business card.   A business card lacks the multi-media (video and audio) files we help you prepare and then publish.  This can really make a difference when an attorney is trying to decide whether to hire you for the first time.

3) The cost of membership is so affordable that you only need to generate one new mediation a year to cover the cost.

4) We have created all the necessary incentives between our members to pool their connection and refer mediations within each coop.

Are there any upfront fees or costs?

We do require a $19.95 upfront deposit to reserve a spot and create a profile.  This amount is fully-refundable within the first 14 days if you decide to cancel during this time.  

What is a virtual office package?

 A virtual office package includes several things;

1) Nationwide toll-free telephone extension through 4disputes main number.  All calls are routed directly to your office or cell phone.  If you are unavailable, we record a voicemail message which we send to your email address,

2) Auto-responders - allows mediators to automatically capture more leads and information from potential clients who view their profile on 4disputes.  You can create and attach to your profile personal client in-take forms that will be automatically sent to you by email.

3) Mobile tele-conferencing that you can use from your office or on the go using your smartphone.  Up to 95 parties can be connected at once.

How do I pay for my profile or virtual office package?

There are several ways to pay.  We accept payments through Paypal.   We also accept major credit cards by phone.  You can also pay by check payable to 4 Disputes, Inc. 

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes.  You can pre-pay for a one year listing for $99.00.  That's a savings of $20.40 vs paying monthly.   We also offer a $25.00 credit applied against your listing fee for every mediation that you refer to another member listed on our site.

What if I don't like the way my profile looks on-line?

We will work with you to post your profile the way you like it and will make reasonable efforts to edit it to your satisfaction before we release it live for public viewing.  If you don't like what you see, you have 14 days to cancel and request a full refund. 

What type of email marketing is included with a listing?

We conduct email campaigns to attorneys who practice in each location where there is an active mediator marketing cooperative.  Once you join a cooperative, you will be able to log-in at any time and view the results from prior campaigns as well as the current schedule for upcoming campaigns in your area. 

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