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There is usually no need to race to the courthouse


What's your hurry?

Too many lawsuits are filed simply out of anger or ignorance without any knowledge or consideration of other potential dispute resolution alternatives.

What's your hurry?  Is there some specific additiional harm or loss that you think the filing of a lawsuit can prevent or was the damage already done now its just a question how best to enforce your rights to recover?

The average civil lawsuit in the United States costs between $60,000 to $120,000 to complete.  Are you prepared to invest that much additional money to try to resolve this matter in court?  Did you know that the sucess rate to get to trial is less than 10% and that almost all disputes are eventually taken out of court?



Take a little time to Cool Off first.

Mandatory presuit mediation will protect you against yourself.  It prevents people from acting out of anger or ignorance by requiring a brief period of reflection and discussion after a dispute occurs. The communications are confidential and are usually directed by a mediator trained to help people resolve disputes privately.  Litigation is not allowed until such a mediation is at least attempted.  It's a smart business practice to require presuit mediation in all your contracts and business dealing.  There are already several laws and industries that already encourage or require presuit mediation before allowing people to sue one another.




Millions of Lawsuits are Filed Every Year....

More than half of the parties who file civil lawsuits in the US later decide to voluntarily dismiss their suits rather than continuing to invest the additional time and money required to go to trial.   Why?  because during the course of pursuing their lawsuit, the parties usually find a better way to resolve their disputes out of court.




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