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Mediation really does work time and time again...


Mediation really does settle cases.  Mediation really does put you back in control to prevent and resolve lawsuits privately for less time and money than fighting in court.  Unfortunately, there isn't enough data made available to the general public. We reported below,  just a few of the results reported by various mediation programs illustrating just how successful mediations have been.   

Help us find and report more results from mediations conducted around the world.  If you operate a successful mediation program and would like some FREE publicity, contact us to publish your results.






78% of Complaints Settled

BBB received close to 800,000 complaints nationwide in 2013.  Although BBB is not a mediation firm.  It is an agency that both promotes and facilitates better communications between businesses and consumers.   Good communication is a big part of the process needed to resolve  any dispute either with or without the help of a mediator.  In the case of small consumer complaints,  just a little more communications combined with an added incentive to negotiate is really all it takes.  BBB merely facilitates the communications back and forth between the business and consumers and rewards businesses who live by a a commitment to make good faith efforts to resolve complaints. 


70% successfully resolved

Since its inception, EEOC's mediation program has been highly successful in resolving charges of employment discrimination. Several studies have been conducted by independent researchers to evaluate the program's effectiveness and to identify potential improvements. One survey found that parties who participated in mediation were very satisfied with the process, and that 96% of employers and 91% of charging parties would use the mediation program again if offered. From 1999 through 2010, almost 136,000 mediations have been held and over 94,000 charges, or almost 70 % have been successfully resolved. 


80% Success Rate

Parties have initiated over 17,500 cases in FINRA's mediation forum, since its inception in 1995.   FINRA's mediation program has achieved an 80% success rate — parties who mediate in the forum resolve four out of every five cases.


71% Reach Agreement

In mediation, people talk with the assistance of a trained mediator who doesn’t take sides. They have the chance to be heard, to ask questions and to make their own decisions. Before mediation, over 95% doubt that they will make any progress. They think “If we were going to be able to talk things out, we would have done that already. Things are worse than ever now.”

However, 71% reach agreement on some or all of their issues in their divorce or custody case in this judicial district. And they’re surprised! And their attorneys are surprised, because they have heard how difficult the other person is.

Why DOES mediation work? Although people are doubtful, they usually DO want to talk. They have things they want to say. They want to be heard. They want to ask some questions. They really want to be able to make their own decisions, in spite of their anger, frustration, and distrust. Doubt is normal, but it does NOT predict whether mediation will be useful. In mediation, people usually hear new information, feel heard, and increase their understanding of the situation. That can help them reach agreements and begin to move on emotionally and legally.

52% full and partial settlements

FSCO regulates the insurance sector; pension plans; loan and trust companies; credit unions and caisses populaires; the mortgage brokering sector; co-operative corporations in Ontario, Canada .  FSCO also regulates  service providers who invoice auto insurers for statutory accident benefits claims.  Between 2007 and 2013, FSCO received over  150,000 applications for mediation and is reporting full or partial settlements in 52% of these applications. 


78.5% of mediations resolved issues

The Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims (“OJCC”) is part of the Division of Administrative Hearings in Florida which handles worker compensation claims.  The purpose of workers' compensation is to provide individuals injured at work with certain defined benefits for the treatment of the resulting medical condition(s) and for replacement of a portion of the wages lost as a result of the accident.  In approximately seventy-eight percent (78.5%) of OJCC mediations, at least some issues were resolved in FY 2012.


60% settlement rate reported in Bangalore, India

Mediation is catching on in the city with more than 60 per cent of all cases referred to the Bangalore Mediation Centre being resolved out of court.  The centre, handles about a 100 cases every day, according to mediators who volunteer at the centre.

70% success rate

The New York Peace Institute is a not-for-profit agency. Their professionally trained mediators are volunteers and our services are provided cost free to New York City residents in Brooklyn and Manhattan.




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