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YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and it is transforming the way to search for information online.

YouTube makes internet searches more visual and engaging. YouTube currently processes 3 billion searches a month.   Nearly half of internet users are on YouTube. YouTube may now be reaching a larger audience than cable TV.  More and more companies are now advertising on YouTube.  In 2013, YouTube reported advertising revenues of $5.6 billion dollars.

Considering all these factors and considering how affordable and easy it is to produce and publish content on YouTube, why aren’t you doing more to market your mediation practice on YouTube?    Below are some original videos we produced and others we found while seaching for materials about “mediation.”


Mediation T & E - Training and Education

There is just not enough relevent, quality mediation videos to watch...

Sometimes, its hard to find many good quality mediation videos worth watching.

We regularly invest a lot of time producing content and searching the internet looking for mediation videos that are both informative, innovative and entertaining.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up on the latest and the best.

Some Original Videos Produced by 4Disputes

It takes more than just engaging well-wriiten content.

Your videos need to look and sound good. The right lighting, sound, HD quality video and editing all make a big difference. 


Meet Your Mediator - Videos produced by 4Disputes

Multi-media content is more engaging, informative and memorable....

A picture is worth a thousand words and a video can contain thousands of moving pictures. 4Disputes produces quality mediation presentations and videos. It's just one of the benefits of joining 4Dispute's mediator marketing coop.



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