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Five Compellng Reasons to Build a Pre-Suit Mediation Clause into your Business Contracts
Pre-suit mediation is the next wave of Alternative Dispute Resolution.
iPad and iPhone Apps for Mediators
Discover over 25 applications to use in your mediations.


On-line Mediation - Can it do more harm than good?
Its hard enough to try to explain mediation and demonstrate just how valuable a good mediator can be to settle a complicated lawsuit or dispute. Do we really want to try to convince parties that it works just as well on-line?
Court Ordered Mediation - Too Little, Too Late.
ADR, particularly mediation needs more support from the courts to better incentivize people to mediate first and sue later.
Leverage - It can get very expensive.
You usually need leverage to motivate a person to settle a dispute. People often mistakenly believe that you always must sue to get leverage. There are much easier and cheaper ways to gain leverage.
How to Select a Good Mediator
Learn some of the things to look for when selecting a mediator.

ADR Links:
ADR Resource Handbook for Florida Mediators
Published by the Florida Dispute Resolution Center in Tallahassee, FL.  This authoritative guide provides mediators with a comprehensive compilation of laws, rules and statutes governing the practice and regulation of mediators in Florida.
Supreme Court of Florida Administrative Order - Mediation Training Standards and Procedures
The Supreme Court of Florida initially adopted standards for mediation training on July 7, 1989. The standards, with amendments over the last 20 years, have provided a sound basis by which the Supreme Court of Florida can ensure the quality of mediation training throughout the state.
Florida Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee (MEAC) Opinions
Indexed summaries of ethic opinions for Florida mediators from MEAC organized by subject matter from 1994 – July 2014.  To read or download the full MEAC opinions, CLICK HERE.
Links to court ADR programs operating throughout the United States
Court ADR Across the U.S. is a comprehensive collection of court ADR resources for state and federal courts throughout the country. Resources are organized into state compilation pages, giving visitors a detailed view of the court ADR system in each state.



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