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To Prevent a Lawsuit  To Resolve a Lawsuit  For ADR Professionals 





To Prevent a Lawsuit To Resolve a Lawsuit  For ADR Professionals 

Get it in Writing - Contracting Services

You don't have to wait for a dispute to occur to get help.  In fact, a lot of disputes and lawsuits can be avoided if agreements and relationships are properly documented  with clear and complete contracts.  Have you ever considered hiring a neutral / mediator to help all parties iron out the details together upfront?

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Construction Mediation

Construction projects can be complicated and technical.  They often contain multiple budgets, timelines and contractors supervised by owners, general contractors, architects and lenders all with different interests, responsibilities and motivations.  When a dispute, contract question or change order occurs it is often very helpful and effective to use a neutral mediator to facilitate communications, analysis and supervise whatever negotiations are necessary to keep the project on track and in contract.

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To Prevent a Lawsuit  To Resolve a Lawsuit  For ADR Professionals 

One Call does it  ALL - Mediations

It couldn't be easier to arrange a mediation through 4Disputes.           Simply look through our mediator listings and select one or more mediators in your area who you would accept to mediate your case.  If you can't find an acceptable mediator from our listings, we can locate additional mediators for you to choose from in your area.  One call does it all.  Learn more.


Loan Workouts-  Borrower/Investor Advocate

4 Disputes can assist investors and borrowers seeking to acquire or restructure commercial and residential loans.  Services include assistance with due diligence, underwriting, private out of court negotiations and litigation management.  We offer free consultations to review your specific situation.  

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Condo and HOA Disputes

Everyone has their own opinion how things should be run and how to interpret and enforce the rules.     Disputes can quickly escalate as more and more owners join the dispute.    Left unresolved, these situations  can become VERY complicated, time-consuming and expensive.  Call  us to mediate such condo and HOA disputes.  

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Foreclosure - Bankruptcy  Loss Mitigation Mediation

Homeowners can now petition to the bankruptcy courts to try to either surrender or modify their residential mortgage loans with the help of a mediator and under the supervision of the courts.

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To Prevent a Lawsuit To Resolve a Lawsuit  For ADR Professionals


  Mediator Marketing Cooperative  


We offer several unique marketing products and services to help both new and experienced mediators promote and grow their mediation practices.  Mailing lists, on-line profiles, social media, webpage integration, advertising, creative design and video infomercials, referrals and office management are just a few benefits of membership.  Click to learn more.

EZ to Find Profiles  Exclusive Media Production





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Create a 4Disputes Virtual Storefront

A business card and resume is not enough but developing and maintaining a mediation website is time consuming, complicated and expensive.    4disputes now offers something in between to mediators seeking a fast, simple, affordable and professional on-line presence.   Create your own virtual storefront inside 



4Disputes Virtual Office

There are many mediators practicing today with limited resources to maintain a physical office, staff,  infrastructure, phone systems, websites and expensive technology.  4Disputes offers mediators an affordable virtual office package complete with a toll-free phone extension on 4Disputes nationwide toll-free number, call attendants, call forwarding, mobile tele-conferencing and auto responder mediation scheduling forms.

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