Small Business Coronavirus Mediation

How to Come Together to Ask for and Offer Financial Help



What is It?

They are carefully planned confidential meetings for small businesses to meet with their landlords, creditors, customers and lenders to seek some some temporary relief from rent and debt service obligations while their businesses remain closed or otherwise severely impacted from the coronavirus pandemic.  Each mediation will by led by Thomas Meyer, an experienced mediator, real estate and loan workout expert. 

It's Confidential

Under Florida law, all mediations are confidential. No one attending mediation is allowed to testify in any subsequent lawsuits or other proceedings regarding anything that was said during the mediation.  This legal protection gives businesses an opportunity to meet and talk candidly with creditors and landlords without any pressure or fear that anything they say can be used against them later.

It's Safe, Voluntary and Non Adversarial

These are voluntary meetings led by a neutral mediator who will not take sides.  The mediator is legally responsible to conduct a fair and balanced proceeding without passing any judgment or making any rulings of liability. Lawyers are not required.  No one attending a mediation is required to offer or accept anything that might be discussed during the mediation. 

It's Fast, Convenient and Inexpensive

Mediations can be conducted in-person, by video conference or on a teleconference call.  Given the current social distancing constraints, these mediations would be conducted  via video conferencing or by teleconference.  The length of each mediation varies depending on the complexities of each situation.   Two hours is a reasonable estimate.  Please complete the form below for special discounted pricing and more details.


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