Consider Mediation

Restore Communications through a Guided Negotiation


Mediation cuts out the middleman and puts you back in control.

Mediation is designed to cut out all the distractions and complications associated with trying to either win or defeat a lawsuit.   It puts the lawyers, judges and juries aside and instead puts the parties back in control of the dispute to try to formulate their own private out of court settlement.  

Mediation is a simple, fast, cheap and its confidential.

You can try to mediate at any time.   You don't need lawyers and you can keep the entire proceedings confidential.  Try it before incurring the added expense of filing a lawsuit.     You can complete the entire mediation process in a couple hours and could end up with a written settlement agreement enforceable in court. 


 What do you have to lose? - NOTHING. What could you save? - About two years and thousands of dollars.

No lawyers, no judges no juries, no red tape.   Replace that with a productive settlement conference run by a trained third party neutral mediator. 


Signed, Sealed and Delivered....

Mediation is a non-adversarial process specifically designed to encourage and invite solutions.   If an agreement is reached during a mediation, the mediator will see to it that the agreement is reduced to writing and signed by all the parties.  The agreement can then later be enforced in court if necessary. 


A good mediator can make a difference.

The role of the mediator is to reduce obstacles to communication, assist in the identification of issues and exploration of settlement alternatives, and otherwise facilitate voluntary agreements resolving the dispute.  Mediation is your gateway to commmunicate and negotiate your way to an acceptable resolution out of court.  Learn how to select a good mediator.    






No More Tug of Wars

It's time that you stopped being reduced to a mere spectator in your lawsuit left on the sidelines to watch and pay for a constant tug a war between the attorneys and the court.

Instead, put the lawyers aside and hire a good mediator who is able to privately figure out what both sides really want.    He or she can then redirect the focus of the conflict and make you  and the other parties more willing and able to work together vs tugging against one another to try to get what you both want.