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When You Are in a Lawsuit, Don't Lose Sight of the Elephant in the Room

May 27, 2020 @ 11:50 AM · attorney fees, courts, litigation & lawsuits

Its not easy to find or part with the money often needed to settle a lawsuit.   You might think that your toughest negotiations will be with the opposing party.  However, there is often an even larger stakeholder in the dispute; someone on your own side; someone who will likely have to be paid first from whatever proceeds are generated upon resolution of the lawsuit; someone who you might have already agreed to pay more than you could ever reasonably expect to recover in court.


The American Rule of Damages

If you are not careful, the biggest damage and expense that you will incur will be your attorney fees.  In the United States, the average cost to try a civil lawsuit is between $43,000 and $122,000.  Why ...

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